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Christopher Shays
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Representative Christopher Shays joins us to discuss his policies and politics


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The latest poll in the 4th district race tells the tale.  Christopher Shays - after 21 years in Congress - is running a race for his political life. 

The University of Connecticut Poll released this week shows a dead heat - 44 to 44% in the race between the Republican Shays, and his Democratic challenger, Jim Himes.

Shays has made his career in Washington as a "different kind of Republican" - who isn't afraid to break with party orthodoxy.  But, his support for the Iraq war has made him vulnerable during the last three election cycles.  Each time, he's escaped with narrow victories, now clinging to the title - "Last Republican Standing" in New England.

But the opposition from Himes has been fierce, and many think this time Shays may succumb to a well-financed opponent.

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