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Child Safety Zones
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Under "Megan's Law" convicted sex offenders must register with a state-run database


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Under "Megan's Law" - convicted sex offenders must register with a state-run database. But some communities have taken this idea even further.

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton: photo by Chion WolfDanbury Mayor Mark Boughton: photo by Chion Wolf Cities like Danbury and Bristol have created so-called "Child Safety Zones" - which make public parks, beaches, swimming pools and recreational facilities off-limits to sex offenders. Other ordinances like this put limits on where sex offenders can live.

Meanwhile, the town of West Haven has tabled a planned Child Safety Zone law - amid legal concerns about the constitutional rights of sex offenders.

Today, Where We Live, we'll talk about whether laws like these keep children and communities safer - or wether theyAttorney Tara Knight: Photo by Chion WolfAttorney Tara Knight: Photo by Chion Wolf further punish offenders who have already served their jail time.

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Dangerousness of sex offenders

A main point by all in this dialogue is that the current state of the registry is flawed, ineffective in sexual abuse prevention and somewhat counterproductive to providing any solutions to reducing recividism of CONVICTED sex offenders. This is a result of classifying, or more acurrately LITIGATING someone a danger to society by merely committing a "sex offense" whether it be as Tara Knight explains something in the paramiters of touching someone over the clothes inappropriately (4th degree ssexual assault) to child rape. Boughton concedes that he is passionately concerned to the protection of children yet has not insisted to lawmakers real, research driven laws that do more effectively address children safety concerns.  He is a politician, not a treatment provider or probation officer who know what is transpiring in the lives of the s.o. and passing "feel good" bans is so much more easier when the target is the most despised individual in the community.  He is doing a diservice and grandstanding.  He also states that CT State lawmakers do not classify the dangerousness of the s.o. Why? Because it is true diligence and guess what....It's all about money again.  As David D'Amora adds, classification of the s.o. dangerousness would help allocate the real resources to where it can truly help prevention instead of wasting unwarranted dollars and supervision of law enforcement and the courts to those who pose no future threat at all and just want redemption and peace in their lives.

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While I was driving home, listening to the show I heard your guest say that the local high schools were sending out lists with names and address' of sex offenders. this sent a chill down my spine. there must be a way of handeling sex offender on a private level b/t authorities and the sex offenders themselves. Branding people was a "scarlet letter" just seems so fundementaly and constituional wrong to me.

Thank You
Megan Miller
Middletown, CT

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My step-mother is a corrections counselor in the State of CT and has dealt with a number of sex offenders including those who have committed violent sexual crimes against children. While she was shopping at Toys R Us recently she saw a former client, who was out on probation, strolling the aisles alone. She called his supervising officer and reported him as in violation. As a parent myself this story terrifies me and although I do have concern for the civil rights of those sex offenders that have not committed crimes against children I do fully support child safe zones for protection against those who have. Perhaps the solution is to more precisely classify these offenders so that those who are classified as a danger to children will be more specifically targeted.

Woodbury, CT

 This is rediculas!  What

 This is rediculas!  What crime was committed? Maybe this PERSON has children? Violating this person for merely shopping is outrages.  We parents often shop at, TOYS R US, alone! Strolling the aisles alone, is one of my pastimes. 

child safety zones

As a clinical social worker for over 20 years who has seen many many children in treatment for sexual victimization I would like to comment on the lack of safety for children and to support the comments of the caller from the Women's Center. I have never had a child come to see me in therapy who was sexually victimized by someone they did not know. This means parents, schools, churches, communities need to learn about the dynamics of the offender- victim relationship. It is crucial that an educational component regarding these relationships become more public and more advocacy work encouraged.