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5th District Challenger David Cappiello
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Republican David Cappiello challenges yesterday's guest, Fifth District Congressman Chris Murphy.


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5th District challenger David Cappiello: Photo by Chion Wolf5th District challenger David Cappiello: Photo by Chion WolfState Senator David Cappiello is running against a former colleague in the Hartford legislature for the 5th District seat in Congress.  

The Republican is running to unseat freshman Democrat Chris Murphy. A battle between two young, polished politicians.  Cappiello's positioned himself as a kind of "maverick" Republican - where have you heard that before - who's not afraid to buck party leadership.

As a member of the state legislature he was among the first to call for the resignation of scandal-ridden Republicans John Rowland and Lou DeLuca.   But Cappiello's campaign has had a touch of scandal, too.   

James Galante, the mob connected Danbury Trash Hauler, pleaded no contest to charges that he illegally contributed to a political action committee to support Cappiello.

But, Cappiello's also gotten lots of help from national figures - including fundraisers with President Bush and Rudy Giuliani.

Today, we welcome in David Cappiello to take your questions on the issues.

Join us for a discussion about what is expected to be a tight race. Email comments and Questions to [email protected].

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Email from Gordon Adams

Trickle Down economic theory was discredited with the Crash of 1929 and again with the current economic crisis, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac not with standing. Additionally, deregulation of the oil markets in 2000 has caused wild fluctuations, mostly upwards, in the oil markets. Will a Representative Cappiello support regulation of the financial and oil markets and repudiation of trickle down economics? 

Email from Dale Combelic

Is it not true that the basis of the financial meltdown should be laid at the feet of the mortgage lenders themselves. Countrywide and similar companies provided loans without following even the loosened guidelines of Fannie Mae /  Freddie Mac as ample testimony from executives of that and similar companies have proven. Even with loosened guidelines if those rules had been followed and financial wherewithall had been verified then the dimension and depth of the crisis would not have occured. Are you in favor of swift and strong criminal prosecution of lenders who did not follow the guidelines , to the full extent of the law, and of stricter regulation and certification of lenders to the level of a CPA moving forward and if not what steps do you feel need to be taken to rein in this clearly out of control industry to restore the faith of the American public in the banking industry.