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Budget Woes and Lieberman Spared
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Senate Democrats Vote on Lieberman


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Governors in several states all are calling lawmakers into special sessions to deal with new economic realities.  In Connecticut, that process starts Monday. The independent office of Fiscal Analysis handed out new numbers on the budget yesterday, and they're just about as bad as the ones governor Rell's office already announced. 

The estimate is that the deficit for the current fiscal year, ending next June 30, will be nearly 400 million dollars.  The combined deficits over the next two fiscal years could be six billion. State lawmakers say sharply decreased tax revenues, and the possible loss of thousands of jobs - is seen as a massive drain on the economy.

Today on Where We Live, legislative leaders and a member of the Governor's budget office talk about the fiscal crisis.

Also, The Senate Democratic Caucus cast secret ballots yesterday and voted to let Joe Lieberman retain his chairmanship of the Senate Homeland Security Committee.  You can join the conversation about Joe Lieberman's place in the democratic party.  Leave your questions and comments below!


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