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Breaking Bad Habits
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Have you ever tried to lose weight?  Stop smoking?


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Dr. Judith Fifield: photo by Chion WolfDr. Judith Fifield: photo by Chion WolfOf all the diet plans and weight loss programs in the world - two successes jump out:  Prayer...and gambling.

Two very different ideas are being floated in Connecticut about how to lose weight, break bad habits, or change behavior.

The first is "SisterTalk" - a faith based weight loss program that is helping African American women shed pounds.  It's a collaboration between black churches and two area hospitals - we'll find out what's made for their phenomenal success.

And, we'll talk with Yale's Ian Ayres - the law and economics guru who has helped to found a project called "Stickk."  It lets people bet on their personal goals - and is based on the concept of "loss aversion."

This show originally aired on 9/19/2008.

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