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Bracing for the Storm
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Remembering the hurricane of 1938


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It's been 70 years since the Hurricane of 1938 - which ripped through Long Island and New England, killing more than 600 people - including 100 in Connecticut. The anniversary - along with the latest wave of powerful storms which hit the Gulf Coast and Caribbean - has been reminding residents here that we're very vulnerable to another big hurricane. And the damage here, with our heavily populated shoreline, could be devastating - from a human, and monetary standpoint.

Today, Where We Live, we'll talk with Cherie Burns, author of a history of the Hurricane of 1938. Then, we'll talk about how we're prepared for the next big storm with a FEMA insider who rode out Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and with a Connecticut law student trying to improve disaster response. And, we'll hear about a coastal insurance plan from the Hartford - meant to protect the insurance industry itself.

Do you remember the hurricane of 1938? Share your stories with us. Email [email protected]

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