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Bioterrorism: Are We Safe?
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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It's been called the worst bioterror case in US history


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But now that accused anthrax culprit Bruce Ivins is dead, how to prevent a future attack? The anthrax mailings, now linked Ivins, an Army scientist, hit especially close to home in Connecticut. 94 year old Ottilie Lundgren died from inhalation anthrax, after a letter sent to her had been contaminated somewhere in the postal stream.

Investigators traced the letter to a sorting facility in Wallingford and found 3 million anthrax spores in the building. Postal workers there felt they didn't get all the information they needed at the time, and the public got very little in the way of evidence, all the way up to Ivins apparent suicide last month. Many are still unsure of the FBI claims that he was the killer.

Coming up - we'll talk to the head of the postal workers' union caught up in the Anthrax case. And we'll talk to leading experts in bioterrorism and security.


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