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Bill and Dean on Presidential Politics
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Bill Curry and Dean Pagani join the show... to talk politics


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Bill Curry and Dean PaganiBill Curry and Dean PaganiLast night, Senators Barack Obama and John McCain met in the final Presidential debate.  What will it mean for the last few weeks of this campaign? 

It was, by far, the most heated - and most tense confrontation between the men - sitting close together at a table with CBS' Bob Scheiffer, the two continued to push their well-rehearsed campaign themes, but also traded barbs about character, integrity, and the negative quality of the campaign.

Oh, and we got to hear about "Joe The Plumber" 24 times.

Today, Where We Live, our "A" Team of political analysts, Bill Curry and Dean Pagani will talk about what changed - or didn't - last night, and what to expect between now and November 4th.  

We'd like you to join the conversation with your take on the debate.  And, more importantly, what do you like, or hate, about the plans presented by the two candidates?   

Join the conversation!  Add your suggestions, questions and comments below.

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