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Are We Safe Yet?
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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The reality of nuclear disarmament


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Two decades after the end of the Cold War - it's a fair question to ask: Are we any safer from the threat of nuclear annihilation?  

We start to get scared again when we hear news of a newly bold Russia - asserting itself against its neighbors.

We got so scared by faulty intelligence that we went to war against Saddam Hussein's Iraq - in order to pre-empt his development of "weapons of mass destruction."

We even got a little nervous about the story of US cruise missiles going missing.  Only later did we find out that they were on an Air Force plane - flying over our own airspace.

But - despite these fears - are we really considering the role of nuclear weapons in our lives?

Today, Where We Live, a conversation previewing a major conference at Yale Divinity School - called "Are We Safe Yet? Vulnerability and Security in an Axious Age."  

We'll talk about the realities of nuclear disarmament - nuclear terrorism - and nuclear war.  And we'd like you to join the conversation:  Who has the right to possess nuclear weapons?  Can we really disarm the whole world?

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