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To Drill or Not to Drill
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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As gas prices rise, Washington is in a battle over oil exploration


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Congress is struggling with the issue of rising fuel prices - as their constituents tell them it's the biggest thing on their minds. The President wants to lift a moratorium on offshore oil drilling - something long opposed by environmentalists - and by Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain. Now, McCain supports the idea.

Alaskan Pipeline: photo by Nancy CohenAlaskan Pipeline: photo by Nancy CohenMeanwhile, others continue to push for the opening of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, or ANWR, for oil exploration. Some estimates say the isolated wilderness could produce more than ten billion barrels of oil.

But does new oil drilling solve the nation's energy crisis? Will it drive down the price of gas?
Today, Where We Live, a conversation about oil exploration - with Dan Esty, Environmental Law and Policy professor at Yale, and David Ridenour from the National Center for Public Policy Research.

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Listening to the conversation about energy alternatives, I was wondering if any of the experts heard about a car that GM developed (the EV-1)during that California legislate that almost passed calling for 0 emissions in future cars by I think 2010. Its very interesting and its in the form of a documovie called (Who Killed The Electric Car) There is an old couple in Detroit that invented a battery that surpasses all other batteries and was eventually used in that electric car, and when the legislate was squashed GM bought the patent from this couple and discontinued the car. The people that had these cars were never aloud to buy these cars only lease w/no buy out. Then had to turn them in. And what happened to those cars is pretty interesting. I hope somebody will look into this.


John Mariano

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I think any drilling that is done today will not only harm the environment, but will only help the oil companies and not the consumer today. Has no one taken a serious look at conservation and improving public transportation?

One quick way to help people who can't afford gas efficient cars, would be to subsidize the purchase of hybrids and gas efficient cars--even to the point where the state/feds own the cars but "lease" them at affordable rates.

I also think we need to look at alternative sources for energy.


Joan Szechtman