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The Aftermath
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Obama won.  Now what?


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Today's show is happening live at Real Art Ways in Hartford.  This vibrant arts space in the Parkville neighborhood is a focal point for visual and performance art, as well as collaboration and conversation.  That's why we're thrilled they invited us here to talk about the world as we know it in the aftermath of the presidential election.

We're joined, Where We Live, by our panel of political experts, including Bill Curry and Larry Cohen of the Courant, and Melanye Price of Wesleyan University.  And, we're expecting lots of questions and comments from our politically charged audience at Real Art Ways.  

We'll talk about our expectations, worries, fears and plans...Are we on the way toward a whole new America?  Is this the start or the end of a culture war?  And what's the state of the conservative movement?
Real Art Ways is one of the United States' leading innovative contemporary arts organizations, with programs in Visual Arts (commissioned public projects, curated exhibitions, education), Live Arts (innovative music of all kinds, performance, spoken word) and Film and Video (feature films and artists' videos).

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Real Art Ways "The Aftermath" - After the Show

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