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Adventure Films with Hank Paper
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Summer's almost here! It's time for an action movie...


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Hank Paper: Photo by Chion WolfHank Paper: Photo by Chion Wolf
It's one of the guilty pleasure of all movie fans - even those who love small, quiet indie films. The rollicking action movie has been around since the start of cinema - but the genre means different things to different people.

Is it a car chase through the streets of Chicago? An outer-space fantasy? A spy thriller?

Today, where we live, our movie expert, Hank Paper of Best Video in Hamden joins us to talk about his favorite adventure films - to give you some ideas for your summer viewing.


Lawrence of Arabia
Journey of Natty Gann
The Man Who Would be King
The Bear
Moby Dick
Count of Monty Cristo
Treasure Island
Four Feathers

Star Wars
The Lonely or the Brave
The Long Ships
Into the Wild
Touching the Void
Hard Times
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Mosquito Coast
Gunga Din
Never Cry Wolf
The Rise of Leslie Vernon
Hell in the Pacific
Jeremiah Johnson

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I was very surprised and pleased to hear that you included Sorcerer on your list. It is one of my all time favorites and, for me, the most INTENSE movie I have ever experienced.

email to wherewelive@wnpr.org

I have two.

(1) The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert - As if any movie with
Terence Stamp as a transexual couldn't be an adventure. Terence Stamp, Hugo
Weaving, and Guy Pearce take their drag show on the road in Australia. A
lot of the adventure is the perils of driving a second hand bus across the
outback, a lot is self-discovery. With a few song and dance numbers thrown
in. Won an Oscar of Best Costuming.

(2) Flirting with Disaster - I'm not a Ben Stiller fan but this one is
great. Stiller travels cross country seeking his birth parents and hilarity
ensues. Also starring Patricia Arquette, Tea Leoni, Mary Tyler Moore,
George Segal, Lily Tomlin, and Alan Alda.

Susan S. Salancy, PE

Groton CT

email to wherewelive@wnpr.org

The Ruling Class (1972) starts off as a very funny farce and then shifts to a truly creepy psychological horror film. Peter O'Toole is wonderful throughout.

Deborah Ketai

email to wherewelive@wnpr.org

Don't forget the Bond films!

From Russia with Love - 1963
You Only Live Twice - 1967
The Sting - 1973
Jaws - 1975
The Outlaw Josey Wales - 1976
Star Wars IV - 1977
Close Encounters of the Third Kind - 1977
Breaking Away - 1979
Alien - 1979
The Shining - 1980
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark - 1981
Das Boot - 1981
The Thing - 1982
The Right Stuff - 1983
The Terminator - 1984
Aliens - 1986
Die Hard - 1988
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - 1989
Glory - 1989
Terminator 2: Judgment Day - 1991
Jurassic Park - 1993

The Train -???


Rob in Roxbury

Where Eagles Dare

OK, so it's an adventure-action-war movie, but "Where Eagles Dare" is that movie that always makes me sit down and watch it, whenever it's on. I grew up reading all those Alistair MacLean books, like "Where Eagles Dare," "Ice Station Zebra," and "The Guns of Navarone," and great movies were made of those three (he's written a zillion action novels). But "Where Eagles Dare" is my favorite - Richard Burton is terrific, plus it features a very young Clint Eastwood!

Caveat: my wife hates it, but she bought it for me on DVD for Father's Day last year - now, that's love!

Adventure Movie

How about "Romancing the Stone"?

Adventure Movie

Naked Prey, Cornell Wild