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When Disaster Struck Connecticut
When Disaster Struck Connecticut
Four major natural disasters changed the landscape of Connecticut
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When Disaster Struck Connecticut

The lasting impact of natural disasters on Connecticut and its people

Monday, 5/17 at 10:00 p.m. on CPTV (Check Listings)

Between 1888 and 1955 - in the span of a single lifetime - four major natural disasters occurred that changed the landscape of Connecticut and the lives of people who lived here. King Blizzard, an 1888 storm that delivered 20 to 50 inches of snow and drifts of up to 20 feet; two floods of near-biblical proportions; and the most destructive hurricane in the state's history are the focus of When Disaster Struck Connecticut. The documentary draws upon archival sources and eyewitness accounts to paint a vivid picture of how Connecticut coped with these challenging conditions wrought by the forces of nature. 

Production Credits

When Disaster Struck Connecticut is a production of CPTV.
Approximate running time: 64 minutes
Writer/Producer/Director: Rich Hanley
Executive Producer: Larry Rifkin
Copyright: 1997 Connecticut Public Television