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Artist Tim Prentice standing in front of his barn
Wealth in Connecticut
This CPTV documentary examines financial success by exploring the values and philosophies of Connecticut residents whose sources range from “dot com” triumphs to inherited funds.
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Gwen IloaniGwen IloaniIf you were asked to name Connecticut’s outstanding features, you might think of its beautiful scenery or the economic and political contributions made throughout history. But for some, the first thing that springs to mind about Connecticut is its wealth. It’s widely known that Connecticut – with the highest per capita income in the country – is in fact our nation’s wealthiest state.

But what does the face of wealth truly embody in the Nutmeg State? Who’s got the wealth in Connecticut? How did they get it? And what do they do with it?

The new CPTV documentary Wealth in Connecticut paints a multi-faceted portrait of financial success --examining the values and philosophies of Connecticut residents whose sources of wealth run the gamut from “dot com” triumphs to inherited funds.

Wealth in Connecticut is a CPTV Original documentary is made possible by a grant from the Lincoln Financial Group Foundation.

While taking a close look at individuals and families that have been wealthy for generations and others whose wealth is self-made, Wealth in Connecticut exposes the ways in which money can hold influence over family dynamics, social interaction, self-esteem and a variety of other issues. The documentary also shares the philanthropic avenues that some of these Connecticut residents have chosen to pursue.

One of the people profiled in this new documentary is a pioneer in the cable television industry. He bought cable franchises before most people had ever heard of cable television, made billions and is now working on giving most of his money away. A million-dollar lottery winner and a kinetic artist from Cornwall, Conn., are among others featured in Wealth in Connecticut.

Featured people in the documentary include Leonard Tow, a cable pioneer from New Canaan; Clare Brett Smith of Farmington, the former president and chief executive officer of Aid to Artisans who shares her story of inherited wealth; Gwen Iloani of Smith Whiley & Company in Hartford, who is one of the most powerful black women in the United States; Tim Prentice, a kinetic sculptor
from Cornwall; Jane Bean, also of Cornwall; Nick Perna of Ridgefield, an
economic adviser to Webster Bank; Mally Cox Chapman, a philanthropic adviser from Hartford; and David Louden of West Hartford, who earned his wealth during the dot-com explosion.

Wealth in Connecticut was produced by Emmy Award-winning documentary producer Jennifer Boyd, a Connecticut resident whose other television projects for CPTV include Connecticut Energy: On The Line, Teens Behind the Wheel
and Wall of Fire.

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Production Credits
Producer/Writer/Director: Jennifer Boyd
Executive Producer: Jay Whitsett
Photo Credit: Jonathan Olson
Copyright 2006 Connecticut Public Television

Wealth in Connecticut is a CPTV Original documentary is made possible by a grant from the Lincoln Financial Group Foundation.