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The Warming of Connecticut
The Warming of Connecticut
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Within the documentary, we examine studies by the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Goddard Institute for Spaces Studies. We looked at a high emissions scenario where we continue relying on fossil fuel as our primary source of energy, and we looked at a lower emissions scenario where we invest in energy efficiency and renewable technology. The studies are very locally focused.



The show emphasizes how global warming is predicted to impact us right here at home.

The greenhouse gases that we have been emitting over the past 30 years are changing our climate even as we speak. However, the decisions we make today and over the next decade will determine the severity of warming. Studies show that Hartford typically experiences about 15 days over 90 degrees. Under the lower emission scenario we could expect the number to rise to about 42 days by the end of the century. Under the higher emissions scenario, Connecticut could have 78 days over 90 degrees.

Today, we experience about 2 days per year over 100 degrees. Under the lower emissions scenario, scientists predict 8 days by the end of the century. Under the higher emissions model, we could expect nearly a month of extreme heat.

But this is also a story of hope. We visit with individuals, communities and organizations around the state that are leading the movement toward a more sustainable society, and offer suggestions on how all Connecticut residents can make a difference.

-Independent Producer Jennifer Boyd.