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Exploring the Latino Impact on the American Landscape
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 Latinos are the fastest growing ethnic group in the United States – and the fascinating ways they have impacted the country’s landscape are examined in Vista, a magazine-style program.

Co-produced by CPTV and Borres Productions, Vista is a CPTV Connecting Our Communities initiative made possible by a grant from the Aetna Foundation.
By highlighting individual people and places, Vista paints a fascinating picture of Latino life in the United States and the Latino impact on the nation’s culture, economy and social-political trends. First up, the stage is set with a segment in which Vista’s producer Frank Borres travels to the motherland, Spain, to research ancestry and a controversy involving the heritage of Christopher Columbus.
Profiles of two self-made Latina millionaires also are featured. Deborah Rosado, author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, shares her “rags to riches” story. Nely Galan, considered the most successful Latina television producer in the Western hemisphere, talks about her road to success, television programming and her hit reality television show, The Swan. In addition, Vista profiles lightweight boxing champion Juan Diaz, whose life outside the ring takes some surprising turns.
Also, as the discussion on immigration hits the boiling point, Hispanics are helping to keep some small cities from turning into ghost towns. Vista takes a look at Denison, Iowa, the hometown of Donna Reed, and how it is handling a Hispanic population boom.
Health issues are another focus of the program, which examines the changing health of Latino immigrants in the United States.
The roots of Connecting Our Communities go back to the late 1990s when CPTV began planning for the government-mandated conversion of its broadcast signal to digital transmission. The required transition provided CPBI with a unique opportunity to partner with community organizations to develop new sources of program content that serve the diverse communities of Connecticut.
“Aetna is proud to be associated with the second edition of Vista on CPTV,” said Marilda L. Gandara, the president of the Aetna Foundation. “We believe people are hungry for information on the fast-growing Latino population, and I hope Vista will serve as a pathway to improving ethnic relations. While this introduces some fascinating people to mainstream America in an entertaining way through quality television, it also provides much-needed media balance about Latinos.”
CPTV and Borres Productions, the co-producers of Vista, have worked together on other successful Latino programs. These include Celia Cruz & Friends, which was released nationally on the PBS system in 1999. The soundtrack of Celia Cruz & Friends won a Grammy Award. Puerto Rican Passages, which profiled the experiences of Puerto Ricans and was narrated by Jose Feliciano, won a National La Raza Bravo Award (Alma Award) and three regional Emmy nominations.
CPTV is a locally and nationally recognized producer and presenter of quality public television programming, including UConn Women’s Basketball Games, Colt: Legend & Legacy, African Americans in Connecticut, Mark Twain’s Neighborhood Nook Farm, Barney & Friends, Alan Alda in Scientific American Frontiers, Angelina Ballerina, Bob the Builder and Thomas & Friends. Now in its 43rd year, CPTV remains committed to bringing the best in educational and entertaining programming and services to Connecticut and the nation. CPTV is a proud affiliate of PBS, which was named Number One in public trust in 2006 by the Roper Public Affairs & Media poll for the third consecutive year.
Borres Productions, an award-winning production company based in Bridgeport, Conn., has produced other Latino programs including a recent Tito Nieves concert for public television and the original Vista pilot, which aired on CPTV in 2005.
Co-produced by CPTV and Borres Productions, Vista is a CPTV Connecting Our Communities initiative made possible by a grant from the Aetna Foundation. 
Writer/Director: Frank Borres 
Program Concept By: Marilda L. Gandara 
Executive Producer: Jay Whitsett, vice president of programming, CPTV 
Copyright 2006 Connecticut Public Television