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Studio 360
Cultural Analysis
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Where but in Studio 360 can you hear Emily Dickinson sung to the
tune of Gilligan's Island? Studio 360 is the place where a Freudian
shrink can analyze a videogame about bunnies, a home improvement guru
can rhapsodize about sheetrock, UN translators sing birdsongs, indie
rockers sing gospel, a Hasidic Jew sings Bob Marley, and a surfer
delivers the entire plot of Moby-Dick in two minutes flat.

In Studio 360, Kurt Andersen -- novelist, journalist, and co-founder of
legendary Spy magazine - is our guide to what's happening in the
culture. Dolly Parton tells Kurt why she modeled her look after the
"town tramp." Jack Handey offers deep thoughts about how to make your
skeleton scarier. Tori Amos explains how she made the piano cool for a
generation of young women, and Zadie Smith shares her love of dead
white English writers.

You can hear PRI's Studio 360 on public radio stations throughout the
country, on XM satellite radio, streaming online, and by podcast.
Always surprising, infinitely inventive -- Studio 360. Enter it now.