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This week its Poetry & All That Jazz...


Hearing Voices series:
THE PLAN, a weekly half-hour exploring found-sound, sound-portraits,
slam poets, sonic samplers, spoken weird, and audio extremists.

1. Psychopathia Sexualis | Psychopathia Sexualis | The Best Of The Beat Generation
2. Shorty Petterstein | A History Of Jazz | The Best Of The Beat Generation
3. Patricia Smith | A Motherfu*ker Too | The Spoken Word Revolution
4. Hugh Brown Shu | Miles Davis Owes Me Ten Bucks | Bomb the Womb
5. Cassandra Wilson | In her own words* | Musicians in their own words
6. Mr. Roberts #1 | National Lampoon | That's Not Funny, That's Sick
7. Tom Russell | Honky Jazz | Hotwalker
8. muMs | On the Corner (Interlude) | Strange Fruit
9. Moondog | Bird?s Lament | Sax Pax For A Sax
10. Mr. Scruff | Get A Move On | Keep it Unreal

At 10:30p
Sly Crooner Episode #13 Her Drink In His Face
Sly recounts some of the more colorful and unusual gigs he has had in his life as a jazz musician. From the thrill of trying to get paid at 4:00 AM to the joy of playing pianos that are more like pieces of furniture than actual musical instruments. But there are plenty of benefits and sometimes when you least expect them. Includes the songs Bye Bye Money, All Over You and But You Ain't Gettin' Lucky tonight.

Musical Works:
Title Artist Album Label Year Run Time
Bye Bye Money Geoffrey Leigh Tozer Blue Razz Records 2004 04:25
All Over You Geoffrey Leigh Tozer Black & White Razz Records 2007 03:20
But You Ain't Gettin' Lucky Tonight Geoffrey Leigh Tozer Black & White Razz Records 2007 04:10



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