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Robonation: CT FIRST
RoboNation: CT FIRST
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Birds of Prey Drive team members Wesley Sanchez (left) and Jesus Bermudez (center)

Team: Birds of Prey

This team is composed of students from Hartford’s Bulkeley High School, Pathways to Technology, University High School, and Weaver High School. When CPTV arrived to begin filming the team, in their preparation for the Connecticut Regional competition, they had just returned from a weekend regional competition in Washington DC.  Both from observation and teammates commentary, it is clear that there is a strong sense of camaraderie and support. Four of the eleven mentors from Pratt & Whitney graduated from Hartford Public High School and are alumni of Birds of Prey.  The mentors provide wonderful leadership, guiding the students towards achieving their professional goals of working in the field of engineering, and also in giving back to their community.

Team: RAGE

RAGE mentor Sal Saitta (center) discusses strategy with the RAGE Drive team

RAGE, an acronym for Robotics and Gadget Engineering, is made up of students from five local high schools, including East Hartford, Tolland, and Rockville, and is one of the older teams in the area. Under the supervision and guidance of East Hartford High teacher, Chuck Nystrom, RAGE is a model of dedication and success.  Mr. Nystrom led the team to a win in the FIRST National Championship, assisted by mentors from United Technologies Research Center, Pratt & Whitney, other businesses and the community. They have continued to be strong competitors in other regional competitions. 



UberBot Drive team commander Sirui Sun (left) with Drive team pilot Connor McCrudden (center) and Drive team pilot Kelsey Starr (right)

Team: UberBots

UberBots are a team located in Avon.  A group of motivated high schools students initiated the robotics team in the fall of 2002. Since the beginning of the program the team has undergone various changes. Originally the Cheetahs, a change of sponsorship also called for a team name change.  In German, “UberBots" can be translated to mean SuperBots.  The past five seasons have witnessed the growing strength and reputation of the group. The group has won various awards including the impressive Rookie All-Star award during their first competition in 2003. They continue to set the bar higher every season, winning Connecticut regional competitions in 2006, 2007 and 2008. The group now consists of 42 team members, and 10 mentor/parent volunteers.


Team: Paragon

Paragon Drive team member Nicole Napiorkowski

Formed in 2001, and quickly making a name for themselves by winning Rookie of the Year, Team Paragon is composed of students from Loomis Chaffee (private), Windsor Public High School, and the Metropolitan Learning Center (magnet).  Both students and mentors collaborate to create an opportunity to explore their interests in science and engineering.  They strongly believe that their work in engineering helps promote a better future for the country, keeping it apace with other country’s engineering feats. The team is primarily funded by UTC Otis Service Center, with additional help from Griffin Land & Nurseries, and other corporate and individual sponsors. 



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