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Real Life Survival Guide
Working to solve life's little problems. Sundays at 4:30 p.m. on WNPR.
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Bruce Barber's Real Life Survival Guide is a weekly half-hour radio program featuring conversations about “life’s little problems,” emanating from interactions on The Real Life Survival Guide website where community members share practical advice and tips for living. Some of those little problems might include finding your teenager a summer job, how to tell when food has “gone bad,” finding the most effective ways to treat allergies, and knowing how long you should keep your tax documents.

The Real Life Survival Guide is co-hosted by Bruce Barber, a fixture on the Connecticut radio dial for over twenty years, and Duo Dickinson, a prominent Connecticut architect and author. Each week, Bruce and Duo explore recent entries in the Real Life Survival Guide website and conduct interviews with the people who have posed the best questions on the site, “commenters” who have offered particularly good solutions, and experts who can “flesh out” difficult topics.
Bruce Barber commented, “I am so excited to bring people together – on the radio and on the web – to help each other solve ‘life's little problems.’”
The Real Life Survival Guide is part of WNPR’s Health Forum, an initiative that also includes the radio program Yale Cancer Center Answers and the new-to-WNPR radio show Conversations on Health Care. Through WNPR’s Health Forum, WNPR continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing listeners with the most recent information on a broad range of health topics ranging from critical advancements in disease treatment to pending health care legislation to practical advice for everyday living.