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RAILROAD MAN: The Life and Legend of Jay Gould
RAILROAD MAN: The Life and Legend of Jay Gould
The story one of the greatest businessmen of the 19th century
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Narrated by Jeremy Irons
Airdates: Tue. June 18 at 10pm on CPTV
Jay Gould’s climb to prominence is a tale of rags to riches, the stuff of the American dream. He fashioned one of the Nation’s most formidable business empires, and became the most daring and original entrepreneur of his age.
Jay Gould was a creator, a self-taught genius investor, who became a financial virtuoso, a bold innovator in corporate law, and a supreme business strategist. All the while, sitting astride two of the most important industries of the day; one in railroads and the other in communications.
As the primary shareholder of the UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD and the WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH COMPANY, Jay Gould had become one of the greatest businessmen of the 19th century and, perhaps, of all time.
The infrastructure of transportation and communications that he built was an integral part of the development of America, and no man did more to foster economic development in the western half of the United States than Jay Gould.
Telemark Films presents “Railroad Man: The Life and Legend of Jay Gould”
Written, Produced and Directed by Bailey Pryor
Narrated by Jeremy Irons
Based on the book “The Life and Legend of Jay Gould” by Maury Klein
Bailey Pryor (Writer, Producer, Director)
Bailey is an award winning film producer who has worked in the film and television industry for over 25 years. He has produced 6 feature films and over 130 hours of television programming for ABC, PBS, Outdoor Life Network, Versus, Fox Sports Net, ESPN, Discovery Channel, Spike TV, Animal Planet, Tennis Channel and Travel Channel.   In 2003, Bailey founded Telemark Films in Mystic, Connecticut, a production company specializing in historical/biographical, science/military and adventure/travel documentary TV programs. Before starting Telemark Films, Bailey was the President & CEO of Warren Miller Entertainment in Boulder, Colorado. Before joining Warren Miller, Bailey acted as a Locations Manager and Production Supervisor on films like Oliver Stone’s “Killer,” 20th Century Fox’s “Down Periscope,” and Sony Picture’s “Two if by Sea.” Bailey also worked as a Staff Producer and Associate Vice President of Production at Sonalysts Studios in Connecticut. He held the position of Marketing Assistant for the Samuel Goldwyn Company in Los Angeles and began his career in the film industry by working as a Producer’s Assistant on the feature films “Mystic Pizza” and “Home Alone.” 


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