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P.O.V.: Condition Critical

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What happens if you're sick and without health insurance?


Unaffordable medication means repeated hospitalization. Unaffordable medication means repeated hospitalization. 


Critical Condition 

Aired Tuesday, September 30, at 9:00 p.m. on CPTV

What happens if you fall sick and are one of 47 million people in America without health insurance? “Critical Condition” by Roger Weisberg (“Waging a Living,” P.O.V. 2006) puts a human face on the nation’s growing health care crisis by capturing the harrowing struggles of four critically ill Americans who discover that being uninsured can cost them their jobs, health, home, savings, even their lives. Filmed in vérité style, “Critical Condition” offers a moving and invaluable exposé at a time when the nation is debating how to extend health insurance to all Americans. Learn more...

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