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On Point is NPR's live morning news program that covers each day's important news developments and conducts conversations with newsmakers and thinkers from around the world. The live, two-hour program is broadcast from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. from the studios of WBUR in Boston.

On Point puts each day's news into context and provides a lively forum for discussion and debate. Its topics are often taken from the biggest news stories of the day while others have a direct connection to issues that are at the core of what is urgent and important in the world at the moment. Interwoven are programs containing interviews with personalities, politicians, musicians, writers, and journalists. On Point deliberately seeks out distinct and provocative voices that may be new to public radio or that may not have been heard in quite the same context before.

The On Point host, Tom Ashbrook, who combines a journalist's instincts with a listener's openness and curiosity, focuses on the relevant issues in any given story, decoding news and issues along with the listeners. News Analyst Jack Beatty, Senior Editor at The Atlantic Monthly, adds his own unique perspective to the conversation.

On Point's Senior Producer is Wen Stephenson. On Point's team of producers includes Karen Shiffman, Eileen Imada, Stefano Kotsonis, Julie Diop, Hilary Barngrove McQuilkin, Tania Ralli and John Wihbey. On Point's web producer is Engjellushe (Angel) Kozeli.