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OTR: Swine Flu with Dr. Richard Garibaldi & Dr. Harry Conte
OTR: On the Record
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In this episode:

Prevention and Protection...Swine Flu in Connecticut. Watch it online now


On this episode of OTR...

"We have a suseptible world wide population who has no previous antibody, no previous experience with this virus "
- Dr. Richard Garibaldi
The world grapples with a brand new health threat—swine flu.  In our newsmaker segment we’ll discuss the potential impact on Connecticut with Dr. Richard Garibaldi, Infectious Disease Specialist and a consultant to the State Health Department from the UConn Health Center and Dr. Harry Conte, Infectious Disease Specialist from Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center.
Despite promises earlier this year of strong and timely action to resolve the state budget and deficit crisis, not much has been heard from bipartisan budget talks. What’s going on? We’ll try to find out in our reporters roundtable with Christopher Keating from the Hartford Courant and Freelance Journalist Greg Hladky.
In a news item we labled "more heat than light" the state house approves a bill that supposedly would lower electric rates, but critics scoff at the measure, which may never get a vote in the senate.

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