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OTR: State Senator Sam Caligiuri (R) Waterbury
OTR: On the Record
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Another Republican Challenger for Chris Dodd



On this OTR:

Our newsmaker guest will be State Sen. Sam Caligiuri (R-Waterbury), a candidate for the 2010 Republican U.S. Senate nomination. In sitting down with Steve Kotchko, he follows the other announced Republican candidate, former Congressman Rob Simmons who appeared on OTR, March 28, 2009.

Emerging from a closed-door meeting on Wednesday, both Governor Rell and Senate Majority leader Don Williams were optimistic about the effort to reach a budget agreement by the June 3rd deadline.
After all the accusations is this new found spirit of cooperation for real?
Paul Hughes of the Waterbury Republican-American will be in to give us his views in our “Notes from the Capitol” segment.

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Go Sam!!!

Go Sam!  Sam Caligiuri will stand up for the people of the State of CT in DC. 

Currently, compared to the rest of the country, our state's taxpayers must work the longest to pay taxes to get pennies on the dollar back from the Feds.  We must ask ourselves, "Are the people of CT better off today after all the years Dodd has been in office representing our state?  Is our Nation better off today with Dodd being in office?  What exactly has Dodd done for the State of CT?  Did he really fight to bring our overseas jobs back to the US? or Did he merely profit from his wife doing business overseas with our banking industry?

We need Sam to clean up our Federal Government's inappropriate common unconstitutional practices and pork barrell spending.  Sam is that fighter for change we need in DC.  Support Sam anyway you can.  Spread the word, donate and volunteer on Sam's campaign - He needs us as much as we need him.

Sam's our man - no doubt about it!