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OTR: State Rep. John Geragosian and State Rep. Craig Miner
OTR: On the Record
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Inside the Appropriation Committee



This week on OTR-On The Record...

With two budgets on the table, does either have sufficient spending cuts to match up with the tax revenue side?

And what programs/services are included in the 220 million in announced cuts from the Democratic proposal?

Two deadlines, most recently April 6, have come and gone, yet still no news.

Joining host Steve Kotchko to talk about the budget plans are newsmaker guests State Rep. John Geragosian (D) New Britain, Co-Chairperson of the Appropriations Committee and State Rep. Craig Miner (R) Litchfield, ranking Republican on the Appropriations Committee.

Are there signs of a "thaw" between Gov. Rell and the Democratic legislature on the deficit crisis after weeks of "icy" comments from both sides?

Paul Hughes of the Waterbury Republican-American will give us his insights in our "Notes from the Capitol" segment.

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