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CT's Criminal Justice Reform with Rep. Mike Lawlor (D) & Sen. Sam Caligiuri (R)
OTR: On the Record
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Let the Games Begin!



A new legislative session, like a new baseball season holds limitless promise. In the future are all the surprises, disappointments and wait till next year resolutions. In this episode, which kicks off OTR's 22nd year, Host & Producer Steve Kotchko sets the stage and identifies the key players and issues.Hopefully, you'll do more than keep a scorecard, because what is done in Hartford, doesn't stay in Hartford.


Below is the video of our first show. The examination of Connecticut's new criminal justice legislation, which started with Front & Center with Ray Hardman, continued with this edition of OTR. Steve was joined on set by Rep. Mike Lawlor (D) of East Haven, co-chair of Connecticut's Judiciary Committee and Sen.Sam Caligiuri (R) of Waterbury. Paul Hughes of the Republican American and Keith Phaneuf of the Journal Inquirer contributed their notes from the capitol.

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