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OTR: Attorney General Richard Blumenthal (D) Connecticut
OTR: On the Record
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In this episode:

Ct's chief law enforcement officer


On this episode of OTR:

Our newsmaker guest this week is Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.

He will be asked about his opposition to United Illuminating’s requested rate increase, which he termed, "irresponsible" and his actions as the head of a multi-state task force to press Craigslist to eliminate its Erotic Services Section.

Additionally, is Tuesday’s voluntary withdrawal of a lawsuit he and 11 other attorneys general had brought to block a Bush administration chemical emission reporting rule a harbinger of things to come?

Does he anticipate more cooperation with federal agencies, like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which his 2007 lawsuit opposed?

A special reporter's notebook will follow with Quinnipiac University Poll director Doug Schwartz.

The latest Quinnipiac poll on the CT Senate race lead him to conclude, “Sen. Christopher Dodd’s numbers are getting better but they are still lousy."
He will also address a new poll that seeks to uncover public sentiment regarding the death penalty. Recent legislative action has produced a bill that will repeal the death penalty. It will become law upon the governor's signature. However, Governor Rell has vowed to veto measure to as soon as it hits her desk.

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