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NOVA: Ocean Animal Emergency
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Saving Seals & Sea Lions



Ocean Animal Emergency

Aired Tuesday, November 25, at 8:00 p.m. on CPTV

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The world’s oceans are in trouble. Warming seas and man-made pollutants are combining to unleash toxic algae blooms that are decimating whales, sea lions and other marine mammals. In a high-action film, NOVA explores this crisis through the exploits of Dr. Frances Gulland, a San Francisco veterinarian who runs the equivalent of a West Coast ER for marine mammals. On a typical day, listless sea lions flop on their sides, too exhausted to lift their heads. Others are agitated. Another chews obsessively on a flipper. They are all victims of a marine neurotoxin made by an organism that feeds on algae. Dr. Gulland is committed to saving these sick animals one at a time, but she is also desperately trying to figure out what’s killing them. Learn more...


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