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NOVA: Jewel of the Earth

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Ancient life preserved in amber


Ancient life preserved in amberAncient life preserved in amber


Jewel of the Earth

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In the movie Jurassic Park , Richard Attenborough played the role of an entrepreneur who extracted dinosaur DNA from the blood of mosquitoes trapped in ancient amber. Now his real brother, Sir David Attenborough, explores that intriguing dinosaur DNA possibility and a host of other astonishing secrets suspended in time millions of years ago. The celebrated naturalist's starting point is a piece of amber that he was given as a child and that he was fascinated to discover contained ancient insects buried within it. These remarkable bits of resin serve as a time machine, transporting scientists back 40 million years and yielding some amazing insights into life on Earth at that time. Revealed in stunning close-up photography, these jewels of the earth open doors to life in long-vanished ages.

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