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NOVA: The Great Inca Rebellion
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Discover the truth behind ancient civilizations in this documentary...


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WED 5/16/2012

9:00PM on CPTV
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The Great Inca Rebellion

Through a mix of crime-lab science, archeology, and history, NOVA and National Geographic present new evidence that is changing what we know about the final days of the once-mighty Inca Empire. The story begins in a cemetery crammed with skeletons that offer tantalizing clues about a fierce 16th-century battle between warriors of the collapsing Inca Empire and Spanish invaders. Now, the long-accepted account of a swift Spanish conquest of the Inca—achieved with guns, steel, and horses—is being replaced by a more complete story based on surprising new evidence, including what may be the first gunshot wound in the Americas. Learn more...

Classic Inca burial in crouched sitting position. Classic Inca burial in crouched sitting position.

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