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NOVA: Arctic Dinosaurs
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Experts in Alaska investigate how dinosaurs managed to thrive in polar regions



Wed., 7/27

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Arctic Dinosaurs

How is it that dinosaurs managed to survive and even thrive in the gloom of the dark and frigid polar regions? This is one of today’s most intriguing, little-known enigmas in paleontology. Now, a unique field expedition, covered exclusively by NOVA, will set out for Alaska’s North Slope to defrost a jackpot of new fossil clues. With the help of stunning CGI, NOVA will breathe life into the polar dinosaurs’ lives and environment in vivid detail. The team of researchers will combine extreme engineering and perilous fossil hunting, including digging a tunnel into the permafrost in order to collect the dinosaur bones. With Alaska’s spectacular wilderness as a backdrop, “Arctic Dinosaurs” will reveal a prehistoric lost world for the first time on television. Learn more...

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