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The Next American Dream
What's next in our economic future
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The Next American Dream Program Details
Marketplace’s Sustainability Team examines the four pillars of the American Dream in segments appearing May 12-15. Sam Eaton looks at housing and economic mobility; Sarah Gardner examines the dreams of a college education and a secure retirement. The four days of programming includes commentaries and interviews about how we are already preparing for life after The Great Recession.
Marketplace Morning Report
In four days of programming, May 12-15, Steve Chiotakis talks to visionaries and entrepreneurs who are not just imagining a more sustainable American Dream, but already engaged in the tasks of building it. Bill Radke gets a foreign perspective on the American Dream, talking with experts in both developed and developing economies on what’s gone right and wrong in America.
The Story
In a special episode, host Dick Gordon talks with Americans who now find themselves on both sides of the economic downturn. What lessons do we draw now from those both succeeding and failing through this crisis?
Speaking of Faith
Coverage of the unfolding economic crisis is often framed in terms of recklessness and irresponsibility, predators and victims, greed and gullibility. Yet, to paraphrase Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, in a global economy, some are guilty, while all are responsible. In a groundbreaking episode, May 16/17, Host Krista Tippett breaks format and talks directly to listeners and laypeople about the moral and ethical dimensions of sustainability and the American Dream.
Marketplace Money
On the May 16/17 show, Marketplace Money takes an in-depth look at the American Dream of a secure retirement by traveling to Sun City, Arizona, Concord, New Hampshire, and Berlin, Germany, asking the questions: how are our dreams matching up with reality?; how are the Boomers’ dreams displacing those of their children?; and how can we be sure the American Dream is the best dream there is?
American RadioWorks
As part of ARW’s ongoing, examination of our nation’s economic crisis, “A Better Life: Creating the American Dream,” looks at the roots of the American Dream and how crisis points in the American economy have always forced a retooling and re-envisioning of our nation’s collective destiny. Feeding Thursday, May 7, this hour-long documentary poses the question, if crisis defines the American Dream, will this economic downturn force us back on the path to a sustainable future?