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TND: Timber Timbre and the Pains of Being Pure at Heart
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On the show this week, some an endearing band and a red right hand.


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The Pains of Being Pure at Heart has pulled together an impressive debut LP. It has everything an underground pop junkie should go crazy for: twee melodies, danceable drum beats, repeatable lyrics, and a slightly noisy approach.

We've also got two new tracks from Squarepusher from his latest EP, Numbers Lucent. It sounds like some kind of haven for his strictly electronic side, which has been negelected for the past few years; but he's revisiting old ideas and he hasn't lost his touch.

Finally, we've got tracks from the new, self-titled Timber Timbre album. It's sparse, it's dark, and it's desolate. This is what would be playing in the background if Nick Cave or Tom Waits were having a nightmare.

It's a dreamy podcast.

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