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TND: Thunder Power and Deerhunter
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This week on the show, we're trying to love ourselves and hunt deer.


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What's the plan this week? Well, first we come out with guns a-blazin' with Thunder Power. Now, I realize they have a forceful name, but their music is very reminiscent of Belle and Sebastian: it's got an extremely catchy and whimsical feel to it.

And speaking of Belle and Sebastian, we've got a couple of tracks from their upcoming BBC Sessions double album, too.

Also, let's not forget that we're finishing up with some music from Deerhunter's latest LP, Microcastle. This album effectively brings experimentation and pop hooks together. There's a lot of influence from My Bloody Valentine running through this album, but there's definitely a contemporary songwriting quality that keeps the music from seeming like it's just a rehash of old ideas.

If you need another reason to listen to this podcast, you should probably start listening now until you think of one.

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