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TND: Sunset and Animal Collective
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This week, Ted Leo's Animal Collective


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"Sunset" is what singer-songwriter Bill Baird calls himself when he wants to make some lush, home-recorded psych pop. His new record is good. It's full of fuzzy guitars solos, pianos, and his Beck-esque baritone. If you need psych, then you'll like.

We also have a couple tracks from the new Animal Collective EP, Fall Be Kind. "What Do I want? Sky" is the first song to legally license a Grateful Dead sample. That's insane.

We're also sporting a couple cuts from the new F Buttons album, Tarot Sport. If the end of the world had to be soundtracked, and the soundtrack had to be electronic, then this album would be in the top-three releases to consider.

Sunset- "Our Dreams Did Weave A Shade"
Sunset- "Garden of Eden"
Sunset- "Rivers of Babylon"
Sunset- "Pocketful of Debt"
Sunset- "Bones"
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists- "Even Heroes Have To Die"
Animal Collective- "What Would I Want? Sky" (Vid Review)
Animal Collective- "I Think I Can"
Fuck Buttons- "Surf Solar" (Vid)
Fuck Buttons- "Phantom Limb"
Fuck Buttons- "Flight of the Feathered Serpent"

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