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TND: Squarepusher and Sunset
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This week, we're setting suns, pushing squares, singing in french, and being bad kids.


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We're featuring some experimental pop from the Glowing City: the latest LP from the band Sunset. This is an extremely colorful set of pop songs, which allegedly feed into a song cycle conceived by the band's leader, Bill Baird. Most of these songs stand on their own, but it's interesting to see that they're a part of something greater.

We've also got the intricate electronica of Squarepusher. His new LP is called Just a Souvenir and it's an interesting progression in his musical style. This album really pays more attention to the jazz fusion element that's always been prominent in Squarepusher's music.

We've also got music from My Brightest Diamond, Black Lips, Woven Hand, Volano Suns, the Mountain Goats, and Pale Young Gentlemen.

This podcast is for the whole family.

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