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TND: The Soft Pack / Four Tet
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This week on the show, there is love in The Soft Pack.


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Four Tet's latest album, There Is Love In You, is a stunning piece of a electronic music. The high-quality sounds and meticulous looping lend this release a lot of replay power. It's a truly entrancing direction for the music of this UK musician.

Fresh off their name change from "The Muslims," we've also got the self-titled debut of garage rockers The Soft Pack, and a new track from Frog Eyes.


  • The Soft Pack- C'mon
  • The Soft Pack- Answer To Yourself
  • The Soft Pack- More Or Less
  • The Soft Pack- Mexico
  • The Soft Pack- Pull Out
  • Joanna Newsom- '81
  • Danger- 4h30
  • Frog Eyes- A Flower In a Glove
  • Four Tet- Love Cry
  • Four Tet- This Unfolds

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