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TND: Silver Jews and Girl Talk
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Wordy barrages and music collages this week on The Needle Drop.


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This week on The Needle Drop, we delve into two artists that have little to do with one another, or at least it appears to be that way on the surface.

First up, we've got some wordy country-rock from Silver Jews. Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea is something Gram Parsons fans will probably tip their hats to, and students of Nick Cave and Lou Reed might do the same.

We've also got some cuts from the new Girl Talk album, Feed the Animals.
Mash-up artist Greg Gillis has done it again with another CD of songs
that will bring back pop memories you've been trying to forget. Even if
you're not a fan mainstream music, the collage Gillis creates with song
samples creates something that's almost completely new.

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