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TND: Portugal. The Man, Mt. Eerie, and more
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This week, new albums from Portugal. The Man, and an interview with Mt. Eerie.


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Portugal the Man is quickly becoming one of Alaska's most prolific pop groups. Less than a year ago, the band released Censored Colors, and they've already followed it up with two albums: The Satanic Satanist and The Majestic Majesty. The concept behind these two albums is a little eccentric. Satanic has a lot of the lush production that made Censored Colors so great; however, Majestic goes in the opposite direction, because it's a stripped, acoustic version of Satanic. We've got tracks from both LPs.

We also talk to Phil Elverum a bit about his new Mt. Eerie album, and check out a new Zombi side project, Majeure.

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