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TND: The Morning Benders / Ted Leo
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The Morning Benders echo brutal bricks.


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This week on The Needle Drop, it's the latest album from California's The Morning Benders, Big Echo. This LP takes a big hint from the early days of rock and roll, but not the dirty underbelly of the genre. Rather, it's the high-production end, influenced by guys like Phil Spector. Grizzly Bear member Chris Taylor gets some co-production credits on Big Echo, so you know the sound quality is there.

We've also got the new Ted Leo album, The Brutalist Bricks. Leo comes off like a real rock vet on this release, bringing a ton of experience and passion to each song. It's pop punk with a strong singer-songwriter sentiment.

All that and 7''s from Awesome Color and Summer cats.


  • Ted Leo- Even Heroes Have To Die
  • Ted Leo- Where Was My Brain
  • Ted Leo- Gimme The Wire
  • Ted Leo- Bottled In Cork
  • Ted Leo- Last Days
  • Summer Cats- Your Timetable
  • Summer Cats- TV Guide
  • Awesome Color- Flying
  • Awesome Color. I.O.U.
  • Portugal. The Man- The Dead Dog
  • The Morning Benders- Excuses
  • The Morning Benders- Promises
  • The Morning Benders- Wet Cement
  • The Morning Benders- All Day Daylight

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