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TND: Matmos and Pink Skull
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We're saluting electronic music this week with three groups keeping the genre alive and well.


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To start, We've got a couple tracks from Canada's Holy F**k. Their improvisational approach makes a much less cold and calculated brand of electronic music. It's maintains the tight execution, but has a highly exciting and improvisational aspect to it.

We've also got some synthpop from Matmos' latest album, Supreme Balloon. The Baltimore duo's latest album is completely synthesizer-geneated. So what? Well, for a group that usually uses audio samples of laser surgery, electric current, and thawing streams, it's a pretty big change. Nevertheless, Supreme Balloon is as catchy as it is intellectual. It's amazing how varied this album's soundscape is despite being limited strictly to synths.

To finish off, we've got some experimental house music from Philadelphia's Pink Skull. Their latest album, Zeppelin 3, is perfect for the dance floor, but there's a lot more going on than a dance beat.

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