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TND: Liars / High On Fire
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Liars get Snakes For the Divine.


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This week on the show, we take a listen to the dark, weird, bizarre dimension Liars visit on their latest album, Sisterworld. The band's music has gotten much eerier since their self-titled release in '07, and the proof is in the old, moldy tapioca pudding. This album will follow you down a cold, dark alleyway with a sharp object of some sort, so watch your back.

We've also got some sludge metal, nectar of the gods, from High On Fire. Their latest album is Snakes For the Divine, and some of these tracks are a real show of riff-fueled brutality. There are some insane solos, too. It's nothing a metal fan should miss.

All that, plus some remixes, a song from Woozy Viper, and Australian garage rock.


  • Liars- Scissor
  • Liars- Scarecrows On a Killer Slant
  • Liars- The Overachievers
  • Liars- Proud Evolution
  • Woozy Viper- Rent
  • Eddy Current Suppression Ring- Anxiety
  • Neon Indian- Mind, Drips (Summer Dregs RMX)
  • Shout Out Louds- Fall Hard (Passion Pit RMX)
  • Zola Jesus- Trust Me
  • High On Fire- Snakes For the Divine
  • High On Fire- How Dark We Pray

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