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TND: Holiday Shores and more
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This week, live cuts from Holiday Shores and Efterklang!


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We've got to thank the Adorea Studio for this week's show. They captured a live performance of Holiday Shores at Hamden's the Space this past week. The band's summery reverb pop was exactly what the placeneeded to warm up.

We've also got live cuts from the band Efterklang, performing with their country's national chamber orchestra. That and music from Washed Out, The Mary Onettes, and A Sunny Day In Glasgow.


A Sunny Day In Glasgow- "Hybrid Moments"
The Mary Onettes- "I Was Pretty"
CANT- "Ghosts"
Brilliant Colors- "Absolutely Everything"
Lightning Bolt- "Funny Farm"
Washed Out- "New Theory"
Washed Out- "Hold Out"
Efterklang- "Mirador"
Efterklang- "Blowing Lungs Like Bubbles"
Holiday Shores- "Edge of Our Lives"
Holiday Shores- "Bradley Bear"
Holiday Shores- "Reruns"
Holiday Shores- "Errand of Tongue"

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