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TND: Gonjasufi

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Experimental, psychedelic hip hop from Gonjasufi and more.


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This week, Zola Jesus brings a modern take to the world of goth rock, and World Atlas does the best Belle & Sebastian imitation I've ever heard.

Plus, some mind-altering hip hop from Gonjasufi. Well, "hip hop" may not be the best description for what Gonjasufi, a dreadlocked singer and DJ from the West Coast, does on his debut album, A Sufi and a Killer. This release is an alternate dimension of Middle Eastern folk, funk, pop, and psychedelic rock. Gonja plays chop shop with these genres, welding them together into a musical mutant that is unheard of.


  • Here We Go Magic- Collector
  • Fergus & Geronimo- Turning Blue
  • Zola Jesus- I Can't Stand
  • Zola Jesus- Night
  • World Atlas- Saint Mary
  • World Atlas- Girl On A Boys' Bike
  • Acrassicauda- Garden of Stones
  • Holy Fudge- Latin America
  • Gonjasufi- Kowboyz & Indians
  • Gonjasufi- Klowds
  • Gonjasufi- Dust
  • Gonjasufi- DedNd
  • Gonjasufi- She Gone

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