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TND: Efterklang / Pantha Du Prince
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Efterklang goes Black Noise.


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This week, we're diving into some minimalist techno with German electronica artist Pantha Du Prince. His new LP, Black Noise, ventures past his previous album without breaking the subtle, stark barriers he has set for himself. The music is by no means a lush treasuretrove of sound, but still gives a listener a lot of think about.

We've also got Efterklang's latest release, Magic Chairs; a more acessible step away from their grandiose and thematic '07 album Parades. Chairs doesn't dumb down the Efterklang sound as much as it refines it into a more rhythmic, straightforward, and hook-based structure. It's Denmark's take on "thinking man's pop."

We've also got new tracks from Jaga Jazzist and She and Him.


  • Pantha Du Prince- The Splendour
  • Pantha Du Prince- Lay In A Shimmer
  • Pantha Du Prince- Satellite Snyper
  • Jaga Jazzist- One-Armed Bandit
  • Jaga Jazzist- Banafleur Overalt
  • She and Him- Thieves
  • Efterklang- Alike
  • Efterklang- Raincoats
  • Efterklang- Harmonics
  • Efterklang- Full Moon


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