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TND: The Dutchess & the Duke and Neon Indian
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This week, the Dutchess & the Duke reach Holiday Shores.


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Over the past year, folk duo the Dutchess & the Duke have cleaned up their sound. The rough and tumbled production on their debut LP is nowhere to be seen on the new album Sunrise / Sunset. Here D&D make no apologies for their dark, depressing attitude; it's definitely more sunset than sunrise.

We've also got tracks from Tallahassee upstarts Holiday Shores. We'll have a live session with them on the show next week!


Herman Dune- "Don't Lie About Me"
Ganglians- "Blood On the Tracks"
Jamie Vex'd- "Radiant Industry"
A Place to Bury Strangers- "Smile When You Smile"
Boston Spaceships- "How Wrong You Are"
Holiday Shores- "Bradley Bear"
Holiday Shores- "Days Drag"
Neon Indian- "Deadbeat Summer"
Neon Indian- "6669"
Neon Indian- "Should Have Taken Acid With You"
The Dutchess & the Duke- "I Don't Feel Anything"
The Dutchess & the Duke- "Living This Life"
The Dutchess & the Duke- "New Shadow"
The Dutchess & the Duke- "Never Had A Chance"
The Dutchess & the Duke- "The River"

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