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TND: Deerhoof and Department of Eagles
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This week, we're spreading the word about two great albums with two very different views of pop.


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First up, we've got Offend Maggie:
the new Deerhoof LP. Tempo changes, weird melodies, obscure lyrics, odd
time signatures: when it comes to writing a song, nothing is off limits
for Deerhoof. Though it's obvious they don't play by the same rules as
most bands, they still find a way to make their music delightful,
bright, and extremely captivating.

We've also got new music from
Vivian Girls, Mr. Scruff, and the Miserable Rich. Not to mention a
really great Blondie cover courtesy of the Postmarks.

The show comes together with the New Department of Eagles album, In Ear Park. A lot of the sonic elements of Grizzly Bear are there, but DoE's got an unsatifiable hunger for hooks and strong melodies.

A podcast a day keeps the doctor away, guys.

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