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TND: CFCF / Surfer Blood
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This week, Surfer Blood go continental.


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2010 is going to be a great year for bands we already know and love, but there are some decent debuts coming to light, too. With Astro Coast, Surfer Blood have put together a full-length that is all over the rock-o-sphere; mixing elements of surf, 90s alternative, and arena without a second guess. Shots of calypso music are a big surprise, too.

Though it's a 2009 release, we've also got tracks from CFCF's first full-length, Continent. The Canadian solo artist is inches away from perfecting his italo disco tribute to soundtrack-worthy electronica.

We also say farewell to one of garage rock's most undeniable powerhouses: Jay Reatard.

Surfer Blood- Floating Vibes
Surfer Blood- Take It Easy
Surfer Blood- Neighbour Riffs
Surfer Blood- Twin Peaks
Surfer Blood- Catholic Vibes
Jay Reatard- I'm Watching You
Happy Birthday- Girls FM
Monsters- Gems
Efterklang- Modern Drift
CFCF- Invitation To Love
CFCF- Half Dreaming
CFCF- You Hear Colours

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