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TND: Bodies of Water and the Avett Brothers
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On the show, folk turned quiet and a progressive pop riot.


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This week on the show, we've got progressive pop from the new Bodies of Water LP, A Certain Feeling.
This is the California band's 3rd release, and their taking a slightly
different approach to songwriting this time around. They're straying a
bit from the sound that got them comparisons to the Arcade Fire, and
they're drifting closer to the waters of Pink Floyd and early Yes.

We've also got the Avett Brothers toning themselves down on the Second Gleam, the band's new EP. Their first completely acoustic release--the Gleam--must
have gone over well because they've decided to try it again, and it's
got a few tracks that are hard to forget--you know, in a good way.

And there's an important about the show next week, so check it out.

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